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So often, creative minds get inspiration that has to “get out” in a matter of speaking. After a recent visit to Southern California in the Laguna Beach area, I felt compelled to paint.


After getting my intense impression of this powerful water down on canvas, I had to share this combination video. It directly parallels what inspired me with the resulting piece.

Artists and art collectors often ask themselves or the creative individual “what inspired you?” The truth is, often times, we cannot really put that into words. That’s when the paint brush, composition pencil or interpretive dance studio comes into play.

Our communication method is our art form.

In coming months, I hope to “catch myself” in the act during more of these interpretive moments. Video is a helpful tool to capture what I am seeing, but the story line is what happens after that inspiration.

To anyone viewing or hearing any fresh art piece, interpretive dance or music composition, let us “tell it like it is” in our mind. Looking at things through the lens of interpretation is often organic and exciting. Hence the world of art!


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