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If you have a love for great interior design, you may have come across a furniture piece that “just speaks” to you. I had such a moment in a reproduction furniture showroom at the High Point, NC Furniture show this past fall.

The entire showroom was filled with historically detailed, quality crafted pieces. Hand rubbed finishes, impeccable details, solid wood with old world construction. (You know, the type of furniture built to last 100 years.)

About 3/4ths of the way through the showroom, I came across this beautiful oak floor cabinet.


The weight of the iron doors as I folded them back, the latches and louvers, solid oak feel all made me linger. But I knew I was in love, when after viewing thousands of pieces at the show, this cabinet still stuck in my mind on the airplane home.

I started fantasizing all the places it would fit in a home. Library shelving, sure, but kitchen storage, dining room cabinet, media storage… This was a piece that could bring classic furniture styling to even a modern or transitionally designed space. Definitely the furniture piece everyone would want at any estate sale or auction house if it were the original antique, this one was a classic.

Well, you get the idea… hopefully you have at least one piece in your home or “dream home” that has the same effect on you!

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