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From an original spelling (no “B” in Thumprints) to original style, we love the new introductions from Thumprints lighting collection.

To get to know brand designer Allison Davis a bit better, we asked her a few questions about her line.


Here is a glimpse into her design aesthetic and a few exciting new products.

Mill and Leaf: What are your earliest design memories in any medium?

Allison: I started making lamps by going to antique stores and finding unusual objects.  I made them out of candle sticks, boxes, blown glass, wine bottle etc.  You can make a lamp out of just about anything, which is what makes them such fun accessories!!

Mill and Leaf: What excites you about working with lighting, in particular, as a designer?

Allison: I am not sure why I got into lighting, but I still have several unusual lamps that I picked out for my high school bedroom, so I have always been intrigued by unique lighting.  Lighting is an important part of every room, and lamps can simply serve the functional purpose of lighting, or become an artistic focal point of a room. When designing lamps for the line, I focus on creating pieces of functional art – “lamps as distinctive as your thumprint”.

Mill and Leaf: What art style, either current or historical, is a favorite…and why?

Allison: I like abstract art and bright colors.  I am also drawn to sculpture and three dimensional design. Thumprints lamps are artistically-styled, and often “sculpted” from a single object or form, and combine textures, shapes, colors and materials, all of which I attribute to my love of abstract art and sculpture.


Mill and Leaf: Any especially interesting fact/feature concerning your company or products  that you would like to share.

Allison: All of Thumprints 2012 introductions are Made in the USA.  We are proud to support American manufacturing!

Sounds like you found your calling Allison. We are happy to share your innovative designs with our customers!


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