Artist’s minds don’t stop being creative just because they are out of their studios. The artistic eye of Sarah Bork in Austin, TX is always on the look out for her “daily image.” Bork made a commitment to do a full year of iPhone photos with a daily piece placed on “calendars” drawn on her home walls. In addition to using the iPhone to take all the photography, she found editing apps that allowed her to manage any contrast and brightness issues she could detect on the spot. The nearly completed year was on display in her home during the West Studio Tour held in Austin (April and May 2013). Kudos to Sarah for sticking to the daily plan, but also showing her amazing photographic eye in such an accessible method.

iPhone shots daily by Sarah Bork - Austin, TX

iPhone shots daily by Sarah Bork – Austin, TX

Love the look of reclaimed wood tables? Try your hand at building your own. Select rough planks from a salvage yard or possibly a nearby old farmstead (check with the owner first!)
Sand off the planks and lay them on a flat surface (like a concrete floor) to see where they join together nicely.

If you own woodworking tools, use a table saw to rip off rough edges on chosen boards. Then run the fresh cut thin edges on a planer. The larger faces of each board can be run through a planer, or left rough for creative interest.

With all boards prepped, mark a line at the 1/3, 1/2 and 2/3 dimension on the top of the reclaimed wood boards. Where these marks hit on each board, use a biscuit joiner to make slits for biscuits to join the boards.
Buscuit joiner

When you are satisfied with the dry fit of the biscuits between the planks, glue up all the seams to make one flat table top. Clamp and let dry over night.

Add hairpin legs underneath and enjoy! (Shopping for hairpin legs? Go to http://hairpinlegs.com)

Enjoy your unique table design!

recailmed wood coffee table

Image source: http://www.etsy.com/listing/104636169/coffee-table-reclaimed-wood-salvaged


From an original spelling (no “B” in Thumprints) to original style, we love the new introductions from Thumprints lighting collection.

To get to know brand designer Allison Davis a bit better, we asked her a few questions about her line.


Here is a glimpse into her design aesthetic and a few exciting new products.

Mill and Leaf: What are your earliest design memories in any medium?

Allison: I started making lamps by going to antique stores and finding unusual objects.  I made them out of candle sticks, boxes, blown glass, wine bottle etc.  You can make a lamp out of just about anything, which is what makes them such fun accessories!!

Mill and Leaf: What excites you about working with lighting, in particular, as a designer?

Allison: I am not sure why I got into lighting, but I still have several unusual lamps that I picked out for my high school bedroom, so I have always been intrigued by unique lighting.  Lighting is an important part of every room, and lamps can simply serve the functional purpose of lighting, or become an artistic focal point of a room. When designing lamps for the line, I focus on creating pieces of functional art – “lamps as distinctive as your thumprint”.

Mill and Leaf: What art style, either current or historical, is a favorite…and why?

Allison: I like abstract art and bright colors.  I am also drawn to sculpture and three dimensional design. Thumprints lamps are artistically-styled, and often “sculpted” from a single object or form, and combine textures, shapes, colors and materials, all of which I attribute to my love of abstract art and sculpture.


Mill and Leaf: Any especially interesting fact/feature concerning your company or products  that you would like to share.

Allison: All of Thumprints 2012 introductions are Made in the USA.  We are proud to support American manufacturing!

Sounds like you found your calling Allison. We are happy to share your innovative designs with our customers!


If you have a love for great interior design, you may have come across a furniture piece that “just speaks” to you. I had such a moment in a reproduction furniture showroom at the High Point, NC Furniture show this past fall.

The entire showroom was filled with historically detailed, quality crafted pieces. Hand rubbed finishes, impeccable details, solid wood with old world construction. (You know, the type of furniture built to last 100 years.)

About 3/4ths of the way through the showroom, I came across this beautiful oak floor cabinet.


The weight of the iron doors as I folded them back, the latches and louvers, solid oak feel all made me linger. But I knew I was in love, when after viewing thousands of pieces at the show, this cabinet still stuck in my mind on the airplane home.

I started fantasizing all the places it would fit in a home. Library shelving, sure, but kitchen storage, dining room cabinet, media storage… This was a piece that could bring classic furniture styling to even a modern or transitionally designed space. Definitely the furniture piece everyone would want at any estate sale or auction house if it were the original antique, this one was a classic.

Well, you get the idea… hopefully you have at least one piece in your home or “dream home” that has the same effect on you!

Backsplash Uncorked

Searching this week on great ways to incorporate an interesting over-the-range tile backsplash idea with stacked stone tile, I came across this interesting article in Houzz.com. A creative DIY project included wine corks in a backsplash.

In my humble opinion, the corks will eventually reduce in size in a dry climate or possibly expand with kitchen steam or humidity. I think the color variation is great though, so may try to recreate with colored tiles instead.

With everyone’s focus on environmentally friendly ways of living, we were thrilled to find these recycled natural fiber area rugs.

Recycled over-dyed natural fiber area rugs

Recycled over-dyed natural fiber area rugs

Natural wool area rugs are given new life with an entire soak in earth-friendly dyes. The range of colors used on these rugs is astounding. Dark classic tones to bright moderns give the renewed area rugs a vintage feel. These 9′ x 12′ room sized over-dyed rugs range in price from $8,000 to $15,000. But one of a kind finds like this are art works in and of themselves.

Recycled natural fiber area rugs

Ecofriendly dyes provide broad range of color

Pair these area rugs with vintage decor or modern designer pieces. Either way, you’ll know your design choice leaves less impact on Mother Earth and more design appeal in your home.

Quote from Genevieve Gorder

Thoughts from Genevieve Gorder

Ooooohhhh! I LOVE Genevieve Gorder! Her smile is infectious. I loved her when she first started out on HGTV. She was so accessible to “normal” people like me. She has a firm grasp of practical design implementation yet her head is forever up in the clouds of innovation.

The folks at Capel Rugs must feel the same way. Of the many HGTV designers being sought after for licensing their own design styles, Genevieve Gorder is among the top.

At HighPoint Market, we got to see some of Genevieve’s latest interior design work for area rugs.

Natural flat-woven rug design from Genevieve Gorder

Warm colors liven up any room

Natural flat-woven rug design from Genevieve Gorder

Geometric patterns pair well with classic and modern pieces

Natural flat-woven rug design from Genevieve Gorder

Bold color choices make a statement

Her flat woven rugs made with natural fibers are perfect paired with reclaimed wood furniture or classic pieces alike. She utilizes bold as well as traditional colors and her patterns are fun and innovative. We’re impressed!