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Love the look of reclaimed wood tables? Try your hand at building your own. Select rough planks from a salvage yard or possibly a nearby old farmstead (check with the owner first!)
Sand off the planks and lay them on a flat surface (like a concrete floor) to see where they join together nicely.

If you own woodworking tools, use a table saw to rip off rough edges on chosen boards. Then run the fresh cut thin edges on a planer. The larger faces of each board can be run through a planer, or left rough for creative interest.

With all boards prepped, mark a line at the 1/3, 1/2 and 2/3 dimension on the top of the reclaimed wood boards. Where these marks hit on each board, use a biscuit joiner to make slits for biscuits to join the boards.
Buscuit joiner

When you are satisfied with the dry fit of the biscuits between the planks, glue up all the seams to make one flat table top. Clamp and let dry over night.

Add hairpin legs underneath and enjoy! (Shopping for hairpin legs? Go to http://hairpinlegs.com)

Enjoy your unique table design!

recailmed wood coffee table

Image source: http://www.etsy.com/listing/104636169/coffee-table-reclaimed-wood-salvaged


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What do popular vocalists Jennifer Nettles, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Robin Thicke have in common? They all sit in mid-century iconic Egg easy chairs each week while judging the new show Duets on ABC!

The Duets judges sit in modern chairs
Image source: abc.com

Side view of the judges sitting modern Egg chairs.
Image source: abc.com

This incredible modern furniture design was originally created by Scandinavian designer Arne Jacobsen when he was commissioned to design all aspects of the Royal Hotel, Copenhagen in 1958. This mid-century modern chair still holds looks cutting-edge today with its organic shape and sculptural lines.

Collectors of modern furniture may want to invest in the original design, still in production, but most of us can’t afford the over $6,000 price tag. To get the look for less, and still enjoy excellent materials and craftsmanship, check out the Andromeda Lounge Chair above. You can still make a statement in your modern living space for less than $700. High-quality pieces at a great price is why we love Zuo Modern!

Recently, teen pop idol Justin Bieber needed a west coast pad. In February, his family purchased a place.

Image source: realestate.aol.com

We noticed the dining room features Zuo modern “S” dining chairs as well as many other modern elements. The “S” dining chair echos Verner Panton’s mid-century modern design.

Whether you follow all the celebrity tweets or just flip TV channels occasionally, modern furniture can be spotted all over the media and pop culture these days. Since set stagers and designers get paid top dollar to put together TV sets and celebrity homes, paying attention to their designs can be a great way to get home decor design inspiration and learn a few tips. In addition, these design professionals are hired to create relevant designs that look hip and up-to-date, and when modern designs like these keep popping up it’s a safe bet that they will look beautiful in your home and be in style for years to come!

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Have you ever looked longingly at modern furniture that uses polished concrete, but though it was never an option because it’s just too heavy? No longer!

There are many exciting, cool furniture designs that use new materials to get the look of cement without the excessive weight.

A new travertine stone called Pavenza looks like cement, but actually weighs less than solid wood. This large coffee table weighs just 238 pounds, where a real cement table of the same size would weigh in at 500+.

We also love these cement-look pedestals for displaying art or adding visual height to a room. Even though they measure 30, 40, and 48 inches tall they are still fairly lightweight and easy to reposition or clean.

This buffet also uses the travertine stone to get the modern look of cement for the counter, but still weighs less than 300 pounds. That’s the same weight as a normal buffet or dresser in solid wood. Cement alternatives also resist staining and clean easily, so they’re a great choice for counter surfaces on dressers or buffets that can get heavy wear and tear.

So next time you’re shopping for contemporary furniture, don’t discount pieces just because they look like they’re made of concrete. You can enjoy modern line furniture and still be able to move it around your home by taking advantage of these new cement look-alike materials.

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Buses, laundromats, that cute diner, or the art museum… it’s a guarantee that you sat in a moulded fiberglass chair a some point. They’re so ubiquitous that we hardly notice them anymore.

But did you know that moulded fiberglass was a true technological and aesthetic innovation when it first came out in the 1950’s?

Our Spire Dining Chair – Red by Zuo Modern captures all the class of the original with a moulded seat and high quality, solid steel frame echoing the shape of the Eiffel Tower.

While this design is produced in a comfortable ABS plastic molded seat, we enjoyed seeing this video that documents the original fiberglass production process.

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