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Incredible art – where is it? Who makes it?
After 8 years studying art and art history, I have few real definitions for “incredible art.” However, in terms of both contemporary art and traditional art, you can often provide your own definition.
Consider why you were drawn to the last great piece of art you have seen. Perhaps you were going through the Impressionists’ paintings exhibit in a nearby gallery, or maybe you were looking at a collage wall of preschooler art at your child’s school. In either place, you may have found a piece you thought was incredible!
Surprised at the choice of venues? An art gallery vs. preschool display…lol…Which one is more incredible? But wait. Art is quite simply an act of expression, whether it be a painting, a song, sculpture or dance. To decide (in your own mind) what is incredible art, maybe consider these points:
Is the person(s) who created this piece special to you in some way? Do you know their back story, how they fit into a specific era? Are they somehow connected to a period in your own life that was noteworthy or memorable?

What is it about the design technique that caught your eye? Hundreds of hours of a pointillism technique, or simple a crayon drawing of Aunt Mary that REALLY captures her personality?

What circumstances are unique to this piece? There were no cameras during the time of the pharaohs so the art created and preserved is circumstantially unique! Or what about the piece drawn by a hospitalized child that illustrates the art of caring staff – that could be pretty incredible.

Do you see the pattern here? Almost all art is incredible for one reason or the another, depending on the viewer’s perspective. Is this piece below incredible to you?


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