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Prepared to be inspired! Artist studio tours throughout the U.S., you can help get caught up with artistic inspiration. Even if you are not an artist yourself, or shopping for quality art work,  the unique homes and studio spaces may inspire you to pick up a remodeling hammer in your own space.

The April-May 2013 WEST studio tour featured west side Austin artists within 178 individual stops. Each stop had one or more artist featured, so the two weekend show was impossible to view in it’s entirety within the time frame. However, we managed to squeeze in about two dozen artists. A few inspiring images follow:

Love the gargoyles in this creative landscape. We knew a clay artist lived nearby…

Landscape outside the Patricia Meheriuk clay studio

Followed the path signs on well used easels to talented Brigitte Edery’s studio:

Follow the signs

Follow the signs

The creative use of an L-shaped lot, with only a small amount of street contact in Austin, TX, worked well for a studio/home combo for Diana Seidel. The small home near the street was converted into a quaint potter’s studio. The larger open back of the lot was used to build a new home.

Diana Seidel's customized studio in front of her Austin home.

Diana Seidel’s customized studio in front of her Austin home.


Entrance to Melissa Grimes home/studio was inspiring. The inside space allowed for three secluded porches that wrapped around the home for a welcoming entrance, a well lit studio and private eat-in porch. Grimes noted the turn of the century home was “pulled” into the Austin neighborhood. Detailed preservation but also some added interior features make the structure comfortable and workable.


Melissa Grimes home/studio in Austin, TX


Many artists use their creative energy both inside and outside their properties. Stephanie Bradley, artist/realtor saw a diamond in the rough in her central Austin home. The rough, disheveled yard was converted into a storybook walk to additional studio space in the garage.

Yard work constantly in progress at Artist Stephanie Bradley's home

Yard work constantly in progress at Artist Stephanie Bradley’s home


For many of the artists on the tour, we were allowed a rare glimpse of work in progress. Across the alley from the Austin Art Garage, we were allowed into the inner sanctum of Austin artist Joel Ganucheau. Not every painter has an easel!

Studio wall of Joel Ganucheau's space

Studio wall of Joel Ganucheau’s space

So get online and do a Google search for “art studio tours” followed by the name of your city. The drive and inspiration is incredible, as well as meeting the artists in person. Understanding their perspective may change your perspective entirely on what to purchase for your space. Or you might be inspired to get your own studio started!




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If you have a love for great interior design, you may have come across a furniture piece that “just speaks” to you. I had such a moment in a reproduction furniture showroom at the High Point, NC Furniture show this past fall.

The entire showroom was filled with historically detailed, quality crafted pieces. Hand rubbed finishes, impeccable details, solid wood with old world construction. (You know, the type of furniture built to last 100 years.)

About 3/4ths of the way through the showroom, I came across this beautiful oak floor cabinet.


The weight of the iron doors as I folded them back, the latches and louvers, solid oak feel all made me linger. But I knew I was in love, when after viewing thousands of pieces at the show, this cabinet still stuck in my mind on the airplane home.

I started fantasizing all the places it would fit in a home. Library shelving, sure, but kitchen storage, dining room cabinet, media storage… This was a piece that could bring classic furniture styling to even a modern or transitionally designed space. Definitely the furniture piece everyone would want at any estate sale or auction house if it were the original antique, this one was a classic.

Well, you get the idea… hopefully you have at least one piece in your home or “dream home” that has the same effect on you!

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Quote from Genevieve Gorder

Thoughts from Genevieve Gorder

Ooooohhhh! I LOVE Genevieve Gorder! Her smile is infectious. I loved her when she first started out on HGTV. She was so accessible to “normal” people like me. She has a firm grasp of practical design implementation yet her head is forever up in the clouds of innovation.

The folks at Capel Rugs must feel the same way. Of the many HGTV designers being sought after for licensing their own design styles, Genevieve Gorder is among the top.

At HighPoint Market, we got to see some of Genevieve’s latest interior design work for area rugs.

Natural flat-woven rug design from Genevieve Gorder

Warm colors liven up any room

Natural flat-woven rug design from Genevieve Gorder

Geometric patterns pair well with classic and modern pieces

Natural flat-woven rug design from Genevieve Gorder

Bold color choices make a statement

Her flat woven rugs made with natural fibers are perfect paired with reclaimed wood furniture or classic pieces alike. She utilizes bold as well as traditional colors and her patterns are fun and innovative. We’re impressed!

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Vintage looking books tell a story on your wall shelf

Vintage looking books tell a story on your wall shelf

One of the things I love to do when I visit someone’s home is peruse their wall shelves or book cases. Not only do I discover my friend’s interests in books, I gather information about the things in their life they find important. Do they have books of a certain genre? Do they display a collection of items? Is there balance between spaces on the shelves where my eye can rest vs. spaces that contain something?

As you know, we just returned from the High Point Furniture Market and one of the coolest new implementations of a tried and true home decor idea was using covered “books” as design elements on wall shelves. Two displays from a vendor booth really caught our attention. These decorative books tell a story that will captivate.

Eiffel Tower Vintage Decor Books

A little Paris in your home!

When deciding how to place items in your bookshelves, the style of the shelving unit itself plays a part. Are your bookshelves more in line with vintage furniture? Or are they sleek with a modern appeal? How can you play with items of meaning to you while giving a nod to your own interior design aesthetic?

Wall shelves and book cases harbor endless possibilities when it comes to home decor. Whether you have your personal reading collection, decorative books, or display cabinets of your favorite treasures, each item you choose to place on your bookshelves should be thoughtfully selected.

Personal library floor cabinet

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Just because you work there doesn’t mean your office space has to be a bore! Here are a few ideas for ways you can mix it up.

We love the unique look of this Spider Desk and round filing drawer unit for it’s organic sensibility. It’s a refreshing change from the square, boxy shapes seen in so much office furniture.

This design is also features a sleek, black glass top. Glass is a great choice for desk surfaces since it’s easily cleaned with glass cleaner and never scratches. This set can stand up to scratches from even the toughest paper clips. How many wooden desks can boast about that?

Also remember to carefully consider your office lighting. Look for designs that provide plenty of even task lighting so you can work efficiently. Pieces like this traditional lamp fit the bill, and can bring a pop of fresh color to your space.

If you’re looking for overhead lighting, these round, modern fixtures bring a modern look to any office.

For the ultimate in mixing work and play, take a look at these bungee cord chairs. As surprising as it may seem, these bungee cord office chairs are actually comfortable! The cords are super strong and conform to the shape of your body for ideal lumbar support. Perfect for a long day at the keys!

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Buses, laundromats, that cute diner, or the art museum… it’s a guarantee that you sat in a moulded fiberglass chair a some point. They’re so ubiquitous that we hardly notice them anymore.

But did you know that moulded fiberglass was a true technological and aesthetic innovation when it first came out in the 1950’s?

Our Spire Dining Chair – Red by Zuo Modern captures all the class of the original with a moulded seat and high quality, solid steel frame echoing the shape of the Eiffel Tower.

While this design is produced in a comfortable ABS plastic molded seat, we enjoyed seeing this video that documents the original fiberglass production process.

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Saw Horse Style

Bring a pair of horses into your office? Whoa!
For the last 10-15 years, desk top, then laptop computers have become the “filing cabinet” of choice. Many of us are lightening the look around the office from loads of paper and wire nests to virtual back up scenarios and wireless devices. This means desks don’t have to hide all of our clutter, just allow for a fluid workspace and maybe a few choice accessories.
In addition, eclectic design, such as shiny metallics and reclaimed wood or sleek with antique, has influenced even home office decor. Simple items that create a wow factor by simply re-purposing them is a hip way to show off your design sense. 
The saw horse desk is a perfect example. From worn wood slipped into shiny saw horse hinges, to saw horses that are spray coated a powerful color or basic white, this former garage sale table leg has become elevated to the tandem force under a glass or wood desk top area.
Sleek, stylish and functional. Add an industrial look lamp and possibly an old tin gas station sign on the wall, and your office is now grand grunge.


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